VR Cardboard Headset


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You can experience the wonder and magic of Best Friends from home, thanks to virtual reality. We realize not everyone is able to visit the Sanctuary in person, so we created the next best thing: a virtual reality (VR/360) tour.
Using a Best Friends cardboard headset is a simple and fun way to view our VR experiences. You will also need a smartphone and the YouTube app.
How to view the VR/360 with the cardboard headset:
    • Assemble the VR Headset  as instructed  (note: make sure to remove the protective lens covers on both sides of the lenses). 
    • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone.  
    • Go to bestfriends.org/VR or scan the QR code 
    • Plug in your headphones and start playback.  
    • Tap the headset icon. You'll notice that the screen splits into two smaller screens.  
    • Insert your phone into the headset.  
    • We recommend you watch the film sitting down. Enjoy! 


Smartphone not included with purchase 


Expected in stock date: August 23rd

Customer Reviews

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Great way to see the Sanctuary and its history

Other than being slightly blurry on one of the VR shows it is a great way to see the Kanab site and also see the history of the group.