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Much Better Since I Fixed the Straw Top!

I loved the look if this bottle but had the same issue as many others with it being noisy and that water not flowing well.

I found an easy solutions online! Do the following:

Remove the lid from your bottle and check that the straw is firmly attached to the lid. If it is loose (not tightly attached), tighten it. Then try again, sipping from the straw. If that doesn't resolve it (it didn't for me), proceed to the next step below.

Remove the mouthpiece from your lid by pulling hard until it "pops" off. You will now see a hole with a small round gasket (o-ring) surrounding it. It is made of silicon rubber—and acts as a seal—which makes this area of the lid watertight. O-rings are usually made of silicon, mine is white but they can come in black also.

If this small round gasket shifts in position or gets dislodged, it can cause air to pass through the hole. And it can make suction difficult. To fix this, simply remove the o-ring and re-insert it so it sits properly in its place, not twisted or bent.

Then reinstall the mouthpiece by pushing down hard until it "pops" back into place.

Next, open the mouthpiece and look through the drinking hole. Check to confirm there is a clear passageway for water.

Now you're ready to try again:
1) Make sure your straw is firmly attached to the lid.
2) Fill up your bottle with water.
3) Start sipping again from the mouthpiece. You should see a big difference now.

With regular use, the small rubber gasket (the o-ring) may get dislodged from time to time. Repeat the above to fix it.

The bottle still makes some noise but nowhere near as bad and the water flows freely through the straw.

Heather, Wow!!! This is an extremely helpful review and want to thank you for all your research and your willing to share! Thanks for all your support of Best Friends Animal Society!
Jess S.

Water Bottle is good but has flaws

I like the size, bigger than your average water bottle, so you don't have to keep refilling as often. As soon as I put fridge cold water in it, it turns orange, which doesn't get old, and makes me smile every time. Does it spark joy? Absolutely...mostly.

The plastic is very thick which feels quality, if the water came out easily. Both tops are troublesome. The pull top one requires you to squeeze the bottle, but it's too thick or I'm not strong enough to squeeze it, otherwise that top might be fine. I would prefer the other top that is straw like, but it's noisy and water doesn't flow well at all. I bought 2 tops on amazon to fix this issue, but neither fit. They were right size, it seemed, but ultimately wouldn't screw on. That's how I ended up back here; to see if there were some specifics to help me purchase a lid that fits. It's a cute bottle, but needs some improvements.

We are glad to hear you find the color changing aspect of the bottle fun!
We apologize though that you are struggling with the water bottle tops! We have found that both of them seem to work better not as a squeeze and drink method but more a tip back and suction method. If you cannot get either of these to work we would be more than happy to refund your money or replace it for another water bottle. We want to make sure you are happy with your Best Friend's items. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us by email at if that doesn't work out for you!

Thanks for all your support of Best Friends Animal Society. Sincerely, Jess S.

It changes color!!! LOVE IT

This water bottle is great. Comes with two style lids and changes color when it gets cold!!


We are so glad you love the foster water bottle. This is such a cool item to spread such kind message while hiking, cycling, and so many other fun activities. Thanks for your support of Best Friends Animal Society and thanks especially for being part of sharing our message.


jen jen
cute bottle, but still flawed and missing interchangeable lid

I was hoping that the issues with this bottle had been resolved, however it is still difficult to get the water out. When drinking out of the straw, you get a mix of air and water. When tilting upside down, you don't get much water. Glad to support Best Friends, but disappointed to see that these are for sale when there are reported issues with them.
I also realized that mine didn't come with the pop top lid (in the description)? I only received the straw lid and it didn't work very well.


We sincerely apologize for the delay in our response to you and that your item wasn't as you'd expected. We will be following up with you privately about the lid issue.

Jess S.

Comments: I’d love if you could make a new top & straw that worked.
The reviews are true...

I love this bottle, but unfortunately the other reviews are true and it’s nearly impossible to use with the straw (doesn’t really work / makes noise when you drink / don’t get much water). There’s definitely a design flaw in the straw or the connection with the top. Otherwise, it’s an adorable water bottle and the color change effect is awesome. I just wish the straw worked :(


Thank you for your feedback about the water bottles. After hearing this feedback from other customers and that they didn't receive the additional lid that was supposed to come with it we did send out another one. You should have received it and the communication about it this last week. If you did not please do not hesitate to reach back out and we will take care of you.

Thank you for your patience and support of Best Friends Animal Society!
Jess S.