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lori atman
Helpful & Fun

I have one slow and one quick meal eater. This bowl has made feeding time far less stressful for me. While my older dog takes her time eating, she no longer has to contend with her sister trying to take her food because she is busy having fun, slowly eating from this bowl. I also LOVE that is has the best friends logo in it. It's a win, win, win!

Thanks for your review Lori! We aim for less stress in life - especially around dinnertime! We appreciate your support and love for the animals. Warmly, Kari

So good i'm going to buy a second one

We bought this for our speed eating golden retriever, but after letting our other dog try it out, we realized it's good for her as well. And of course, it's super adorable just to look at too. Highly recommend.

Rocheleau Aimee,

We are glad we could be part of helping your dog out and also we want to thank you for being a part of helping other animals as our mission as we work together to Save Them All.

Jess S.

Kathleen Surenda
Benefit of the bowl

Although I immediately loved the whoa doggie bowl my too fast eating beagle Nellie was confused at first. She had a bit of trouble figuring why she could not get the large mouthfuls at the speed she was used to. She would eat very very quickly and many times start coughing and upon occasion spitting up bits of food. She is now fine knowing the food is there and has time to get it all.
Thank you


We are so glad we could be part of helping Nellie slow it down and be safer even if it is a new thing to learn. Thank you for including us in Nellie's life and thank you for your support of Best Friends Animal Society

Jon Tannler
Belle is not complaining!!

My 15 years old Dachshund Drama queen always gulped down her food too fast so she can get ready for her next “close up”. This is a great bowl for her to take her time and literally breathe!


Thank you for sharing a picture of Belle, we can see why she is such a queen because she is beautiful! We also want to thank you for letting us be a part of her safety and well being and thank you for supporting Best Friends Animal Society.

Jess S.

Ann onymous

The bowl is a very small large. You need to either make a bigger size or call this one a medium

Thank you for calling to our attention that our Whoa Doggy Slo-Bowl ran small. We are working on better outlining size expectations for our products.
Sincerely, Carmen